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              CORE CONCEPT

              As a high-tech enterprise focusing on the professional research and development,manufactuiing,andsales WALKKIND is concentrating on establishing a development system integrating manufacturering,research,and study with the insight into the company has successfully set up the“Special fiberboard material”engineering center READ MORE
              • TECHNOLOGY

                The company received a number of independent intellectual property rights and pa...READ MORE...
              • SERVICES

                Combined with adherence to the "customer satisfaction first" Service Excellence....READ MORE...
              • MISSION

                WALKKIND offers eco-friendly products with wonderful properties,steady quality a...
              • VISIONS

                WALKKIND is on going effort to don our best in research and development in speci...READ MORE...



              Address:NO.19,A Part Sanshui Technology
              &Industry District,Sanshui,Foshan,
              Guangdong, china
              FAX: 86-757-87388884